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Small black adhesive cylinder sticking to
chicken muscle exposed by removal of subcutaneous fat.

Vulvox nanotube adhesive- uses
Vulvox carbon nanotube adhesive can hold dental instruments, sponges, etc to various parts of the mouth and gums during dental exams and oral surgery. They will have applications in ocular surgery and treating bleeding ulcers... Tampons will stay in the vagina much longer; Embarrassment will be a thing of the past!  Bandages incorporating our adhesive will stick underwater. These materials will adhere to wet oral mucosa and vaginal mucosa opening up new possibilities in X-ray monitoring and drug delivery, including contraceptives and treatments for papilloma warts and herpes.
A major application of these adhesives might be holding organs away from the site of an operation without clamps that do damage to their fragile structure.
Possible uses include MEMs and medical devices that hold wounds shut and simultaneously deliver medicine to tissues...removable gene therapy delivery devices...Carbon nanotubes are known to promote blood clotting and carbon nanotube adhesives manufactured by Vulvox will have wound healing properties.  Patients wet with blood or other bodily fluids can be wrapped in our bandages since they cling to wet skin and subcutanous membranes. They will be indispensable on the battlefield and in the emergency room. Emergency Medicine will never be the same! Recent experiments have shown that carbon nanotubes are destroyed inside living cells by oxidizing enzymes. This has led credence to the body of evidence that they are not as harmful to the human body as asbestos fibers which have some superficial resemblences to nanotubes and that they might be safe to use in medical applications.
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