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VULVOX Inc's breakthrough collectors will be able to generate more power than generated by current solar power tower plants! The Abengoa solar power tower  is currently the worlds biggest. If it is retrofitted with VULVOX hybrid solar energy collectors it will generate 46.5 megawatts, not 20 as it does currently. Our breakthrough design will also  add 50% to the electricity generated by Stirling dishes.

The dual solar thermal-photovoltaic system will wrest approximately twice as much power from an area as regular solar thermal or photovoltaic energy systems. Our technology can be used to retrofit existing parabolic troughs and solar power towers to increase their efficiency.


The Vulvox collectors will not depend upon complicated advances in quantum or solid state physics. Our novel combination photovoltaic-solar thermal collectors will achieve the unprecedented efficiencies predicted here by means of relatively simple modifications to solar energy equipment; modifications that can be developed at a moderate cost. The Vulvox solar system will generate higher power levels than competing parabolic troughs and  solar power towers, while retaining all of the storage capabilities of solar thermal power. Every time a commerically available photovoltaic panel system is upgraded and increases in power we can substitute it for a lower power panels used in previous "builds." and the higher power panels can be used in upgraded combination PV-solar thermal collectors with higher efficiency. Also, every time solar thermal systems are upgraded they can be combined with the latest practical photovoltaic collectors to keep the next generation combination systems cost competitive and to keep their efficiency higher than all other collection systems.


Contact Neil Farbstein for more information