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Our diamond-like-carbon composite material has higher heat conductivity than graphite and copper. It will be useful for heat sinks in electronics. We are looking for research and development and investment partners. What would you make with a carbon nanoparticle super-material with strength in the tera Pascal range?

The ultrahigh strength buckytube material will come in at least two forms-
Ultra high strength nanopaper and ultra high strength solid objects.

This material won't be cheap but it will have much higher tensile strength and bending strength and resistance to fractures than all known materials and it will be almost as hard as diamonds. It will stand very high temperatures since it will be refractory and it will have high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Our challenge-

Tell us what you would do with those super-materials. What kind of product would you make from this material? Our first projects will be making and testing armor plates for ballistic armor to protect our warfighters and designing and testing breakthrough laparoscopic instruments.

If you have a high value product in mind made with our graphene and carbon nanotube based performance materials, please contact us with your ideas and projects. Vulvox is looking for research and development and investment partners.   Contact Neil Farbstein, President of Vulvox Inc. at