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Saturday, 11 December 2010
Close but no cigar... No Cure In Sight

The President of a Long Island biotech company has claimed they came close to a genetic therapy that will cure aids. He will not sign an NDA to protect my IP and so I wont send him a report I wrote on a way of curing aids but not of preventing it. Its a genetic engineering method that worked in sheep and other animals. It includes a section about monkeys with simian aids in its study. It worked in humans but it has the downside of adding to the number of aids victims by making each patient treated with it  infectious, like a typhoid Mary for normal people. It will cause aids infected victims treated with it to be highly infectious for the virus when in sexual contact with normal people who are uninfected. In that sense it will not benefit society.

He's so stupid, he knew I  invented a possible gene therapy that will cure the condition. He knows i already have a method of multiplying therapeutic genetic therapy vectors and breeding them in living animals in my IP file too.

I'm seeking seed funds for a new company called Broadsword. We might go after aids itself. With a drug that provides a long time of prevention of infection. It's not a vaccine, its something else. Its a drug that turns off genes and their protein by products
for a few months. Nobody has proved it has no side effects.  The FDA will demand that it pass their clinical trials. I might sell it to ISIS. They are the only American Company I know that has a gene therapy in the marketplace. Do you know how many gene therapeutics are on sale in America?

I own the sequence to a reverse transcriptase primer molecule that wont be degraded by RNase. Its valuable. And its been tested by a major biotech company I had a research and development contract with. I designed the experiment they performed at their laboratory. Nobody else knows how to use the sequence in a profitable manner. Its worth millions.

I'm offering a license to use the sequence to biotechnology companies.

Posted by vulvox at 7:22 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 11 December 2010 7:41 PM EST

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