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No, its' not a Salvadore Dali painting. The above picture shows the Beauty Pool Geyser at Yellowstone National Park. The bacteria living in its waters are adapted to the thermophillic conditions-temperature near boiling and presence of sulfur compounds found in those geysers. Vulvox has plans  to engineeer them to dissolve bigger amounts  of gold and copper in vat extraction of those ores.  Upwards of a billion dollars of gold is processed with mining bacteria and several billion dollars worth of copper is also processed. About one third of all of those two metals.  As many as 50 billion dollars worth of low grade nickel might be extracted from lands in the United States if a suitable microganism is found. Vulvox is working on that project with a huge potential payoff.
Also in the works; Vulvox has a breakthrough method of secreting any molecule from cells. From cells cultured in the laboratory and from cells in people and other living organisms.

Genetically engineered tobacco plants might become a source of proteins and other molecules used in treating diseases. Vulvox has technology on the drawing board that will increase the productivity of tobacco plants and enable faster breeding programs. As antismoking campaigns increase in intensity and economic sanctions, Tobacco farmers are looking for non-cigarette income from their crops. Tobacco is leafy and very amenable to chloroplast transformations. Chloroplasts are the bodies inside plant cells that contain chlorophyll giving it its' green color. Recombinant plants regulalrly synthesize recombinant proteins in quantities of 10% to 50% of their total protein.