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Vulvox currently is conducting research on high productivity methods of manufacturing silencer RNA, DNA for gene therapies, and RNA for the research industry. This is being performed as contract research and development for a pharmaceutical company sponsoring that research. Vulvox plans to have a prototype ready early in 2008.
Vulvox is also working on a means of delivering silencer RNA that will not cause toxcicity to cells that other siRNA molecules cause. siRNA therapy has been found to use up endogenous RISC complex proteins-  competing with miRNA metabolic pathways. Vulvox has found a way to eliminate that toxicity enabling much higher dosage levels for a longer time.

 Among the first things made with biotechnology was cheese. Cheeses were made by mixing enzymes taken from the stomachs of dairy animals with their milk for thousands of years, since the dawn of agrigriculture.  Currently; a billion dollar cheese industry lacks mold protectants to prevent spoilage in the consumer's refrigerator or at the supermaket or  in trucks delivering cheese. There is no FDA approved chemical to prevent molding in cottage cheese. Pennicillum, the organism used in manufacturing pennicillin is the primary culprit in the spoilage process.  Cottage cheese has a shelf life of two weeks since there are no mold protectants that will stop fungal infections in it.
Vulvox has been developing a mold protectant that can protect cottage cheese and also other cheeses. They include; American cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, white American cheese, yellow American cheese and other less well known varieties. The American cheese market  has a size of over $15 billion. The European cheese market is about twice that size. Vulvox's mold protection technology will fill a billion dollar niche market- cottage cheese. The protectant technology will also replace propionates and sorbates used to protect pasturized process cheeses, cold pack cheese and proceessed cheese foods. It is possible the entire cheese industry will replace those inferior mold protectants with biotech products manufactured by Vulvox giving the corporation a revenue stream in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Protecting cheese from fungi
A 45 Billion Dollar Industry- Worldwide!

Vulvox has work underway on ceramic materials that resist breakage with unprecedented strength. They can be used in manufacturing oil and geothermal well drills and machine tools to cut superalloys. They and other supermaterials manufactured by Vulvox will be used in satellite booms and components, aerospace applications, windmill turbine blades, and other applications. Vulvox is currently perfoming laboratory scale experiments on supermaterials and nanocatalysts for generating hydrogen by splitting water and from decompositon of hydrocarbons.
Vulvox also has plans to manufacture a megaterrabit memory that could store millions of movies and videos or serve as a memory for robots. Vulvox has another project on the drawing board that would utlilize DNA transistors to make logic circuitry with unprecedented amounts of logical processing power.
We are working on a breakthrough solar cell that can transform up to 80% of the sun's energy. There is similar work underway at other labs but we have novel technology that might make those levels of electricity production practical instead of merely theoretical possibilties.

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