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Vulvox's innovation will enable energy storage of intermittent photovoltaic and wind power.  The patent pending Vulvox system is expected to cost 7.69% as much as pumped hydroelectric storage, its least expensive competitor and 2.7% as much as compressed air storage.  Cheap electrcity storage systems are desired by the renewable power industry and government smart grid programs. It will stabilize the electricity grid and help prevent blackouts and brownouts. It can store intermittent renewable energy including wind power, solar power and tidal energy, and later release the electrcity when it is desirable, such as at peak periods when air conditioner use rises on hot summer days. It can store electrcity for vehicle battery recharging stations. It can store electricity generated by Stirling dish solar energy collectors making that form of solar energy available around the clock instead of during daylight hours. Utility scale electricity storage will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow or reverse damage to the environment that excess carbon dioxide is causing.

As already stated it will provide bulk energy storage for utilities – shifting large amounts of energy from excess production times to peak usage times and that will enable storage of cheap electrcity generated during off peak hours to be sold during peak demand periods. It will also enable lower usage of expensive auxiliary power generators used during peak demand periods and it will replace them with cheap regenerated energy generated overnight  and stored by our system.

According to a Lux research report released May 29, 2008-

"Bulk energy storage for utilities – shifting large amounts of energy from excess production times to peak usage times – presents the biggest potential opportunity of all markets studied: If even 10% of installed wind power plants adopted large-scale energy storage, the market would hit $50 billion."

Our electricity storage system beats its closest competitor by a factor of 15 times.

Wind and Solar Power Paired With Storage Could Power Grid 99.9 Percent of the Time

Contact Neil Farbstein,  President of Clean Energy Research Foundation Inc. for R&D partnership and patent licensing details.