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Neil Farbstein the Chief Scientist at Vulvox has devised a novel nanotechnology capable of assembling an almost unlimited number of nanoparticles in almost any imaginable pattern in two and three dimensions. This technology will have applications in photonics, plasmonics, nanoMEMS, and biotechnology.

Breakthrough technology for nanophotonics
and plasmonics

Vulvox's self assembling nanostructures are
capable of an unlimited variety of combinations

Imagine a nanostructure where every nanoparticle building block has an address that can be used to direct it to a particular place in that structure. It can be used to assemble cells and tissues for regenerative therapies. And for totally inorganic structures such as plasmonic waveguides that will channel electronic messages through a computer bus at ten times the bit rate that is practical now.  Artificial retinas can be
constructed with this methodology.
Attention all Research and Development Directors, Business Development Directors and bench scale scientists. Contact us about your company's  research and development projects that can be improved with our technology!
We are seeking partners who want to develop this technology.
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