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Worldwide Methane Reduction Project

Vulvox is researching  a method of reducing anthropogenic methane gas emissions by an awesome 38% !

According to an NOAA report;  In 2007 methane rose by 27 million tons after nearly a decade with little or no increase. NOAA scientists released these and other preliminary findings as part of an annual update to the NOAA annual greenhouse gas index, that agency’s greenhouse gas index, which tracks data from 60 sites around the world."

Anthropogenic emissions- methane made by human activities such as raising livestock, rice cultivation, landfills, and methane escaping from coal mines and gas wells are a major cause of greenhouse warming. Methane captures 23 times as much solar heat as carbon dioxide.

Vulvox is seeking funding for our project that can make a bigger dent in the amount of greenhouse warming than all the wind farms and solar energy panels installed to date. If we put it into production worldwide, our research program is capable of reducing a few more percentage points from the rate of greenhouse warming. 

It will be much easier and cheaper to reduce anthropogenic methane from the sources listed on this webpage. For say, a billion dollars we can reduce the total greenhouse effect dramatically;  A 38% methane reduction in anthropogenic methane emissions corresponds to 4.2% of all greenhouse warming. What else can you do with a billion dollars? Construct two giant CSP solar plants in the desert? The impact of those plants by themselves is minuscule. You would have to have a sustained program of building solar energy plants and other renewables costing trillions to effect the same drop in global temperature.

Vulvox is now soliciting donations and intern volunteers for jobs such as secretaries, sales development, product development, grant writers, publicity people,  etc and we are also seeking industrial and university research partners, promoters, and angel investors to help us with this very important project. 

Contact us to apply.

Warming Siberian permafrost might release double the worlds' total methane greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

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Neil Farbstein
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