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If your equipment springs a leak try Silicone Putty Sealant!

When your lab seals break... Dont let your experiments wait weeks or months to replace gaskets! Plug leaks with funnel putty while you wait!!! Dont let airborne toxins contaminate your lab environment. Use our inert soft putty to provide an extra layer of protection in your lab!!

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Our silicone putty product can close any size lab glassware air tight and water tight. Worried about toxic fumes? Hate the smell in your chem storage room? Apply our putty around reagent bottle necks and caps in the lab supply room. It'll seem like a breath of fresh air.


Give yourself and your staff extra protection to avoid safety problems.

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00-02 Silicone putty will make an airtight seal with filtration funnels. Can be used with vacuum filtration collars, rubber stoppers or in place of them when the right size is not available. It is nonflammable. Useful between 0F to 400 F and it does not react with most concentrated acids, bases and solvents. Reusable. Pack of 12 plugs- $35.00 USD
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