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Carbon nanotube adhesive disk
1 gram size

Now available. Vulvox's novel carbon nanotube adhesive does what no other material can do- 

  • Clings to wet oral mucosa

  • Clings to wet vaginal mucosa

  • Clings to exposed subcutaneous membranes

  • Clings to wet latex and silicone underwater

  • Clings to dry latex and silicone

  • Conducts electricity

  • High heat conductivity

  • Nontoxic

  • Promotes blood clotting on contact

Contains 99.99% carbon nanotubes,  manufactured by Vulvox's proprietary patent pending process

Our patent pending nanotube adhesive is a solid material that reversibly sticks to soft rubber and to soft human tissues.

For experimental research. Not approved for medical or veterinary uses.

$ 5000 per gram, up to 10 grams.

Contact us by e-mail to purchase it.

We are seeking research and development partnerships. 

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The manufacturing process is still at the experimental stage and it is being optimized. This material is similar to material reported in the scientific literature by P.M. Ajayan's group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. There are differences; it should be noted that the material developed by Vulvox will be up to 100 times less expensive to manufacture since it does not involve use of photolithographed catalytic nanoparticles and it does not require growing films of nanotubes in CVD reactors. Our process is much simpler.

E mail us    VNBCINC@gmail.com