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VULVOX now has provisional patent protection for our super materials shown on the Vulvox Materials webpage!    

The Vulvox Super Materials Challenge webpage 

Vulvox has discovered an extremely simple and inexpensive process to manufacture carbon nanotube adhesives. This discovery is a breakthrough that will beat the price all competitors offer their products at. We will continue to work on it and add it to our patent portfolio. Our experiments are continuing to yield valuable results. Recently we have begun a project with a University lab to conduct research on the nanotube adhesive. Vulvox is actively soliciting corporate and university partners to research and further develop it. We are proud to announce that we have obtained patent pending status. 


 Currently existing dry nano-adhesives are extremely expensive- $6000-$8000 per square foot. Vulvox can produce an equivalent product for as little as a dollar per square foot! We have already tested prototype nanotube adhesives in our laboratory.



Technical reviews, executive summary, and our business plan are available upon request.


We have a webpage describing medical uses of Vulvox carbon nanotubes adhesive. It clings to oral and vaginal mucosa subcutaneous membranes and now it is seen as useful to hold dental film to the gums and for closing tongue wounds.


Scanning electron microscope photos of our carbon nanotube adhesive (shown below) were taken at a university laboratory under a research contract with Vulvox.   Click the link below for scanning electron microscope images.













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