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        Technology under development at Vulvox 

  • Magnetocaloric energy converters to make electricity from solar     energy.   Department of Energy Collaboration.

  • Ultra broad spectrum antibiotics that kill all gram positive bacteria including dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria.

  • A magnetocaloric refrigerator that will be more energy efficient than current models.

  • Consumer air conditioners, geothermal heat pumps and refrigerators with higher efficiency at almost the same price.

  • Modified refrigerants for geothermal heat pumps that will get better efficiency .

  • A solar cell that might be cheaper than the competition and that gets 20% efficiency or above.

  • Patent pending (US 14488452 "Ultrahigh Strength Nanomaterials And Methods Of Manufacture." ) super high performance materials high tensile, strength breaking strength.

  • Carbon nanotube coatings for high voltage DPF nuclear  fusion reactor electrodes. 

  • A breakthrough method of manufacturing high strength graphene nanopaper for bullet proof vests. We are negotiating R&D partnership with the US Navy. The nanopaper is several times tougher than kevlar.
  • 3 D printed ceramics and wires that have higher electrical and thermal conductivity than all other materials.  Competitive with the nanotube wires they are using on the Juno planetary probe currently in the news.



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