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        Technology under development at Vulvox-

  • Concrete that has a longer useful life.

  • Ultra broad spectrum antibiotics that may kill all gram positive bacteria including antibiotic resistant bacteria.

  • A magnetocaloric refrigerator that should be more energy efficient than current models.

  • Air conditioners, geothermal heat pumps and refrigerators with higher efficiency at almost the same price.

  • Modified refrigerants for geothermal heat pumps that will get better efficiency .

  • A solar cell that might be cheaper than the competition and that gets 20% efficiency or above.

  • Patent pending (US 14488452 "Ultrahigh Strength Nanomaterials And Methods Of Manufacture." ) super high performance materials high tensile, strength breaking strength.

  • Carbon nanotube coatings for high voltage DPF nuclear  fusion reactor electrodes. 

  • A breakthrough method of manufacturing high strength graphene nanopaper for bullet proof vests. We are negotiating R&D partnership with the US Navy. The nanopaper is several times stronger than kevlar.

  • Thermoelectric materials that will provide more efficient thermoelectric generators that don’t require expensive rare elements.

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