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DNA has been used to grow and assemble ZnO nanowires for piezo-electric sensors and to generate electricity from vibrations. Vulvox DNA made with our proprietary ultra large scale process might also be in big demand for DNA nanolithography, as a shadow mask to manufacture 2nm wide nanoelectronic circuitry features.   (click here for details) 
Vulvox's proprietary DNA synthesis process can make DNA for nanoelectronics at a production cost hundreds of times less expensive than current methods. Vulvox has been a leader in this field. The same process can be used to manufacture high quality DNA for gene therapy and RNA for silencer RNA gene therapy.
Dr. Thomas Netzel,  a  former    Chairman of the American Chemical Society wrote a technical review of Vulvox's DNA transistor concept, and stated  that it will likely change the world in innumerable ways when three dimensional chips containing millions of times as many transistors as those in current chips show up in robots and speech translators that really understand English and in self driving and self navigating cars. They can be constructed from DNA and modified DNA made on solid phase synthesizers. Dr. Netzel's technical review is available on request.