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Silicone Putty  Suction Filter Sealant



      Silicone Putty sealant is perfect for…

      Making suction filtration funnels Airtight and water tight.

      Making other laboratory glassware connections airtight and water tight.

      Reagent bottles can be closed airtight. Preventing harmful oxidation and loss of volatile substances. Also prevents explosions due to evaporation.


 Silicone Putty sealant is…




      Safe to use with most solvents.

      Nonreactive with most substances

     Withstands temperatures from 0 F to 400 F


Each pack of 12 comes with instructions and suggested uses.


Can be combined with filtration funnel collars and stoppers.


Pack of 12-  $30.00 + shipping and handling.

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